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by Lauren Ikpe on August 26, 2013

Lauren Lewis Ikpe, MPA, Juris Doctor Candidate May 2015, NCCU Law School - Resume - 480px 8-24-2013To make sure you get my most up-to-date resume, I have made it available for your to download here.  Just fill out the form below, and I will have the download link automatically emailed to you:

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Lauren Ikpe



Law Review Student Lauren Ikpe


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by Lauren Ikpe on August 26, 2013

Lauren Ikpe - vCard image - 300px 8-24-2013Don’t Re-Type! Just Download my vCard.

For your convenience, I have created a downloadable vCard with all of my contact information. That way, you don’t need to take time to retype it into your own set of contacts. To get my vCard, just fill out the short form below:

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Law Review Student Lauren Ikpe